Cupboard Details (and Mine)

How I usually look like.
Minus the clean clothes.
(Photo taken by one of my bffs, owner of the house and bed. :)) )

Hi there!

MixedChops is a small reflection of just how much stuff I read and watch in my life. I review (and write news about) Asian Dramas, Anime, Manga and Books. I plan on making a separate blog on books because they are my primary addiction. But for now, all my posts are here. 

As much as I would like to say I accept books for review from authors and publishers, it's pretty obvious that this one isn't ready yet. :)

But you are all welcome to message me at paopiggy AT gmail DOT com to say hello and/or point-out things you would like to talk about. You can also find my goodreads and twitter handle links at the right side panels. ------------>

That's pretty much it as of AUGUST 2013.
Follow my blog? I LOVE YOU! :)

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